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That statement was from the Truth Initiative who is one of the largest anti-smoking campaigns in the United States. They’ve been working hard to spread the word that cigarette butts are one of the leading items contributing to pollution. In 2017, they stated about 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered each year. The amount of cigarettes […]

🌿 THE BYSTANDER EFFECT 🌿 The bystander effect is a social phenomenon where people are less likely to help a victim while others are around. One of the main reasons of this is diffusion of responsibility, assuming that someone else will take the responsibility instead. The Bystander Effect is specific to victims, in particular human […]

We couldn’t be more excited for our new products COMING SOON! Personalize a 100% biodegradable toothbrush with initials, names, or whatever your 💚 desires upon request. Conscious Crates mission is not only to educate but help people like us to find eco friendly & sustainable options at an affordable, convenient, & fair price. Keep checking […]

🐠Plastic is ALREADY toxic before it ends up in our oceans and shouldn’t be used as ANY type on consumption! 🐠 Plastic never degrades, but breaks down into smaller pieces over long periods of time. During the breakdown process, the plastic acts as a sponge, eventually absorbing toxic chemicals that could eventually be consumed by […]