Kamilo: Hawaii’s Most Polluted Beach

Hawaii is a beautiful place full of blue skies, clear water, and jaw dropping sunsets 🌺 But even the most breathtaking places in the world aren’t immune to waste pollution.

Besides being known for Mai Tai’s, Luau’s, and beaches for miles, Hawaii is also known for being the home of Plastic Beach, which is considered to be one of the dirtiest places on earth!

Kamilo Beach, located on shores of the Big Island, isn’t exactly what you’d picture when you think of a beach day in Hawaii. Instead of having perfect sand and waves, most people are taken back by the mass amounts of plastic that has overtaken its beauty. 🥀

The beach is an accumulation zone for plastic trash that has made it to land from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is an enormous patch of plastic waste discovered in the 1980’s, is located in the Pacific between California & Hawaii. The patch size is unknown & estimations vary as some have related it to the size of Texas while others have compared it to the massive land of Russia.

The debris found on Plastic Beach consists of 90% plastic materials from both household products & fishing materials. There are also tiny pieces of plastic called Micro-plastics that end up absorbing toxic chemicals before they get eaten by the life in the sea. 🐠

Household products we use today may not be the only cause, but it is a leading cause! What can you do to reduce your contribution to the destruction of beautiful places like these?


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