The Conscious Crate Mission

Creation of Conscious Crates

Conscious Crates was inspired by a husband & wife team who wanted to find a way to make the world a more eco conscious and sustainable place.

As two individuals who love nature & wildlife, we found a shared concern of the longevity and health of our earth because of waste pollution that was in our complete control. We wanted to be apart of the change, so we finally decided to do something about it.

Conscious Crates is designed to offer green minded people like you inspiration & access to products to help you transition into your eco conscious lifestyle as we find them through our own sustainable journey.

Conscious Crates Mission

Education & awareness is the first step of journey because we believe that lack of knowledge on the issue of pollution & climate change is one of the leading causes of the issues themselves. Conscious Crates mission is to help provide science based facts & learning material from reputable sources to expand the understanding of why we need to make the eco change.

Affordable & accessible eco products is the second step of our mission. Conscious Crates believes that eco friendly & sustainable products shouldn’t be a specialty product charged at unaffordable prices. We believe that the combination of low wages + high prices for good products are pushing us into buying products from big corporations that aren’t environmentally friendly. We intend to change that.