Tuesday Tip: You’re Only One Decision Away From Living A Totally Different Life

We are SO excited that we got our hands on our first official Conscious Crates product today! 🌿 We can’t WAIT until we can finally share this with you!

We knew immediately that we intended to sample one for ourselves, so not only was it the anticipation of officially being able to say we owned our first products for our store that’s going to help us get closer to accomplishing our mission, but we were able to check another eco swap off of our own personal list! ✅

The funny thing was though, when we went to grab our sample to try, we found ourselves feeling a little scared. Our minds filled with what if scenarios like what if we don’t love it as much as our old non sustainable one? What if we revert back to our old comfort zones? What if we WANT to switch but aren’t ready to make the commitment? 🤯

Fear & comfort are important reasons why we as a society haven’t changed. It’s easier to do & use what we know versus something that we aren’t sure of because it’s out of the norm. We KNOW plastic. We live, eat, and breathe it in some cases. Its the same logic for cars, coal, deforestation, and more. It’s comfortable to use it because it appears that everyone already does despite what we know about it. I know there are plenty of people who were like us, people who wanted to do something for so long to make the world a better place but continued to go with the flow because it was more conveniently available & priced 👎🏼

Ignoring those fears, we took the plunge and used the new eco conscious version of that product anyway. We are happy to report that NONE of those fears came true and the switch was completely worth it! We LOVED the new version that we will be selling in our shop coming soon & had no problem giving our old version a final goodbye. We realized that even though for a split second, this small but important change seemed scary, but it turned out to be just fine in the end!

After feeling a little scared anyway, we decided that our Tuesday Tip to you is to take the plunge into the life you want to live, because you’re only one decision away from living a totally different life 🌱

Continue to check back for updates on our eco shop coming soon! We want to hear from YOU on what your first eco swap was & whether you still use that swap today!