That statement was from the Truth Initiative who is one of the largest anti-smoking campaigns in the United States. They’ve been working hard to spread the word that cigarette butts are one of the leading items contributing to pollution.

In 2017, they stated about 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered each year. The amount of cigarettes that are littered make up 38% of ALL collected liter. That’s because 75% of all smokers dispose of their butts by throwing them on the ground or out the window of their car.

How are cigarette butts toxic?

🚬 cigarette butts have toxic chemicals like arsenic & lead which contaminated water that is needed by animals & fish.

🚬 98% of cigarette filters are made of non biodegradable plastic fibers.

🚬 cigarettes can decompose overtime but studies show that a cigarette butt only decomposed 38% after two years

Smoking is not only bad for our health but bad for our nature’s health too. Continue to check out the Truth Initiative for more informational material & action you can take!